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Jim TuckerThis is the JimTuckerMedia website.

On here you’ll find examples of my work as a journalist over the past few years, including newspaper columns, articles, books, photographs, book editing, videos, commentary, media communications, and reviews.

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An odd headline that appeared in the Sunday Star-Times in 2020:

About Jim Tucker

Supposed to be retired, after quitting journalism teaching in 2013 (after 25 years, preceded by 22 years as a newspaper journalist and editor), but find myself busier than ever with various book projects, advising law firms, and writing articles for magazines like North & South and Live.
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3 Responses to Jim Tucker Media

  1. Mike Paterson says:

    Hi Jim: just to wish you well. I’m now based in Canada: my wife Sue’s homeland. I’m at writemike5846@gmail.com but no webpage yet. You might find me on Facebook but my page there is basically abandoned in frustration. Anyway: ALL THE BEST – it’s been a while!


  2. Mike Paterson says:

    Hi Jim! I love your pic of Egmont / Taranaki


  3. Jim Tucker says:

    Cheers, Mike. That was taken in 2014 when we arrived back in NP from Wellington and minded a friend’s farmlet on the western outskirts for a couple of years. Hope all is well with you. JT


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